Neutral Wild For Winter 2021/2022


When we observe Mother Earth from space, our eyes fill with the most beautiful sounds. Then, when we look closer, we see in awe of the wilderness, which represents vitality. Powerful animals such as leopards, tigers and giraffes lurk here.

When we look at our beautiful planet, we rediscover the value of being part of it and honoring life. What could be better than honoring life and caring for our body and soul by exercising regularly and wearing natural colors, as well as camouflage and animal patterns that make us feel more confident and connected to nature.

So prepare to dress in healthy brown that binds you to rustic nature, in toned-down light blue and light light green. Shades of blue remind us of the infinite sky and everything we can achieve on (and off) the square. These shades are reliable and accessible, and go well with a stronger and more vibrant green, which helps you create the ultimate cool and refreshing look.