Zodiac Stones

Everyone has a protection stone according to the zodiac sign

It is time that you know the protection stone of your own zodiac sign. With all the astrological knowledge, it is easy now to learn about the lucky charms and protections stones for each zodiac signs.



The natives of Aries can get protection from red stones and grenades. Stones such as ruby, coral ​​or red jasper stone, stimulate blood circulation, courage, increase sexual energy and even take away mental and physical fatigue.

Other stones of the Aries sign: Citrine, Amethyst and Agate. 


For those who were born under the sign of Taurus, emeralds bring hope, self-confidence and help them improve blood circulation. It also helps on concentrating and to be calm. Also, the lapis lazuli activates spiritual development and increases the power of communication.

Other stones of the Taurus sign: Selenite, Marine Water, Tiger’s Eye. 


If you were born under Gemini and you want to have your feet on the ground, have firm decisions and wisdom to defend what you believe, the hematite stone helps. If you feel like you need to get calm, topaz will help you. The white crystal can be used to align the chakras and to eliminate energy blocks.

Other stones of the Gemini sign: Obsidian, Tiger’s Eye, Black Tourmaline, Citrine. 


The protection stones for the sign of Cancer are the Moonstone, the Pearl, and Aquamarine. The Moonstone helps you with concentration and awakens sensuality. The pearl brings rejuvenation and emotional stability. Aquamarine helps purify the body, mainly throat, kidneys and spleen, and it even increases the communication ability and passion.

Other stones of the Cancer sign: Amber, Hematite, Calcite. 


For the Leo sign, the best stones are Rubies and the Stone of the Sun. Rubies stimulate sex and love and the stone of the sun fights depression and stimulates creativity.

Other stones of the Leo sign: Tiger’s Eye, Amber, Granada, Citrine. 


Those born under the sign of Virgo should wear Red Jasper as it brings love and compassion, while it relieves depression at the same time. Also, protection stones like Topaz, that attracts good luck, are nice choices for these sign.

Other stones of the Virgo sign: Opal, Moonstone, Citrine. 


Protections stones for Libra are Carnelian and Pyrite. Carnelian protects from envy, jealousy and anger; it also brings peace and calm to your life. Pyrite is the perfect stone for business, money and fame.

Other stones of the Libra sign: Opaline, Obsidian, Green Quartz. 


Scorpio is a seductive sign and those born under it must wear the black tourmaline stone to absorb negative energies and increase sensuality. Onyx gives them power to control feelings and stimulates intuition. Jasper brings healing, tranquillity and agility.

Other stones of the Scorpio sign: Malachite, Obsidian, Moonstone. 


Blue Topaz and Blue Sapphire are the protections stones for those born under the sign of Sagittarius. So if you want to attract happiness, intuition and protection against negative influences and rheumatic pain, these are the stones that you should wear.

Other stones of the Sagittarius sign: Agate, Sodalite, Amethyst. 


The best stones for this sign are the crystal of quartz, the green sapphire, the hematite and the magnetite. The crystal of quartz neutralizes negativity. The Sapphire brings you luck. The hematite gives you the power to have firm decision and the magnetite attracts what is wanted.

Other Stones of the Capricorn Sign: Fluorite, Grenada, Amethyst. 


The protection stones for Aquarius’ natives are pink and turquoise Tourmaline, blue Sapphire and Opal. The Tourmaline protect you from jealousy and hatred and promote prosperity. The blue Sapphire help repel the negative energies and the Opal promotes friendship.

Other stones of the Aquarius sign: Fluorite, Lazuli pencil, Amethyst. 


The protection stones of the Pisces sign are the amethyst and purple or lilac topaz. The amethyst is the stone of spirituality; it helps relieve fear and stress, improving the quality of sleep. Topaz, on the other hand, stimulates the joy for life, brings wealth and helps make the right decisions.

Other stones of the Pisces sign: Moonstone, Fluorite, Aquamarine.